A 2022 NYC Cafe Tour By Jeremy Paul Hernandez

At the end of July, we turned over the reins of the Sprudge Instagram account to one Jeremy Paul Hernandez, or @thejetboatadventurer. A self-styled “freelance photographer, coffee and wine enthusiast, and service industry veteran,” Hernandez took us on a four-day frolic through the new and exciting cafes in New York City. With his second IG takeover, Hernandez took us to spots new and under the radar.

These oft-underhyped spots really complete the NYC coffee scene and make it one of the best in the entire world. And it was these shops that exist outside traditional NYC cafe crawl fodder that had us champing at the bit to get back and take a visit for ourselves.

Because of this wanderlust, we’re memorializing into written word Hernandez’s latest NYC takeover, so that would-be sojourners can have a snapshot of cafes worth visiting in the Summer of 2022 to help guide them in their own trips to off-the-beaten-bath but nonetheless exceptional cafes. Take me back to NYC, I want to go back.


Since summer is in full swing here in NYC we’ll start off with my go to cooling beverage, at Edith’s in Brooklyn. It’s a tahini, oat milk, coffee slushy and it’s perfect.

Terremoto Coffee Room

Terremoto is a small but mighty cafe on West 15th near Chelsea Market. I love their selection of roasters and focused approach to brewing.


I just love Rosencrans great coffee, great vibes, great location. On this occasion I opted for an iced jasmine tea with lavender syrup.

Land To Sea

I asked my friends what their new favorite coffee shop is and this shop was recommended the most and after a few visits it’s easy to tell why. They’ve been open for nine months, serve Sey Coffee, have local art on their walls, and two seating areas inside in addition to outdoor seating. I had a very refreshing matcha lemonade on a hot NYC summer afternoon on my most recent visit. From their website: “we’re a coffee shop and creative space that puts community and culture first.”

Gotham Coffee Roasters

Today we visit with veteran Barista and apprentice roaster Amanda Figueroaa at Gotham Coffee Roasters on West 19th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. We caught up over an iced AeroPress of Kenya, Nyeri County Peaberry about Amanda’s progress with roasting, favorite preparations, and much more. We met in 2020 and it’s been exciting to watch her progress and focus on her career. I can’t wait to see what she’s working on next.

Sincerely, Tommy/Daughter

Recently Daughter became the in house coffee bar for Sincerely, Tommy, a lifestyle concept store in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. Daughter is perfectly serving Sey and Partners Coffee out of this new post.

Olas Coffee

On my final day of my NYC take over I’m bringing you to Olas Coffee in Williamsburg. I come here for the excellent single origin pour overs, espresso, pastries, and the green coffee kombucha! Check out their feature here.

Til Death

Today we visit Til Death, located on the border of Bed-Stuy and Bushwick under the train on Myrtle Ave. Owned and operated by Megan and Emily on a large corner lot. Megan roasts their beans at the Regalia Collective and they are available by weight if you bring your own container. They have community events usually once a week in addition to their own recurring events. They have a printer on site, tool shed, motorcycles, and tons of awesome merch! Check out their awesome coffee and book your next event with them!

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