How to Make Slow Drip Coffee (Kyoto-Style)

So you’ve never made Kyoto-style slow drip cold brew at home? That’s understandable. The brewer is expensive and looks complicated. Coffee brewing can take an entire day, and it doesn’t seem like it would be worth your while. 

But I’m here to tell you that preparing it using a slow dripper is a great use of your time and money if cold coffee is your thing. It’s the only cold brewing method that maintains the subtle complexity of the best specialty coffees. And while you’ll need to be patient, the actual effort required to brew coffee this way is minimal.

Keep reading if you’re ready to be shocked by just how flavorful a cold brew can be.


  • Kyoto-style slow drip coffee maker
  • Paper or metal coffee filter
  • 50 g – 70 g coffee beans
  • Coffee grinder
  • A coffee scale
  • Water
  • Ice