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Rancilio Invicta espresso machine

The Rancilio Invicta espresso machine made its debut at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston. Photo by Howard Bryman / Daily Coffee News

Italian espresso equipment company Rancilio Group has revealed the second  commercial espresso machine in the five-year-old Rancilio Specialty line, the Rancilio Invicta.

Introduced to the United States earlier this month at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston, the Invicta joins the RS1 in the Specialty line, maintaining the RS1’s modern styling and large touchscreen interface.

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Rancilio Invicta 2 group

Photo by Howard Bryman / Daily Coffee News

Where the Invicta differs is by forgoing the RS1’s multi-boiler system and temperature profiling capabilities in favor of the company’s Steady Brew single-boiler heat-exchange system.

“Interacting with baristas and doing lots of events with RS1, I realized a machine that’s a little bit more straightforward is where most baristas are at,” Rancilio North America Marketing and Development Manager Andrew Bettis told Daily Coffee News in Boston. “All the fun stuff on the RS1 is great if you have the headspace for it, but when you need to dial in within 15 minutes as you open up the shop, you don’t really have the time to do temperature profiling and get in there and do that. I was like, ‘we’ve got a gap in our lineup of people that want to use our equipment but there’s not really an offering for them.’ That’s where the Invicta was born.”

Rancilio Invicta espresso

Photo by Howard Bryman / Daily Coffee News

The Steady Brew technology maintains precise group temperatures through the addition of an upper third circulatory tube that allows super-heated water to flow away from the group, preventing an increase in temperature over the course of extraction.

T-switches at each group allow baristas to adjust valves that will differentiate  temperature, allowing for temperature variability between groups. A flush feature runs the precise amount of water through the group before a shot in order to ensure the specified temperature of brew water is ready.

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“We found that this is more accurate than a lot of double boilers that are on the market,” said Bettis. “A heat exchanger is really driven by physics, so it’s going to do the same thing every time.”

For users maintaining a single temperature at all groups, the temperature can be adjusted through the touchscreen. Shot profiles — including variable pressure for soft pre-infusion, full-pressure extraction and then a lower-pressure post-infusion — are all digitally programmable through the touchscreen, as well. This feature, designed specifically for the Invicta, has also been added to the RS1, which did not originally include a three-phase pressure profiling capability.

Rancilio Invicta touchscreen

Photo by Howard Bryman / Daily Coffee News

The machine is named after a historic Rancilio model that boasted Rancilio’s first horizontal boiler when it was introduced in 1950. The 2022 Rancilio Invicta carries the baton of innovation for the brand with its novel heat exchanger and shot profiling technology.

The appearance in Boston, where the Invicta was the official espresso machine of the inaugural United States Latte Art Championship, marked the official launch of Invicta sales.

Available with black, white or stainless steel exteriors, 2-group Rancilion Invictas start at $11,700.

Rancilio Invicta black

Photo by Howard Bryman / Daily Coffee News

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