The Stunning Outdoor Coffee World Of Arm Pichit

The internet is a high-stress environment. Pick any social media platform you want, you’re nonetheless going to be inundated with bad takes, hot takes, misinformation, bad actors, abuse, general negativity, and toxic positivity can all be consumed in a single five-minute doomscroll. It’s draining. But every now and then, something comes along that offers a bit of peace amid the chaos, a chance to exhale and let your jaw unclench.

For us here at the Sprudge offices, our social media respite most recently has come from Arm Pichit, a Thailand-based photographer and coffee enthusiast who has made a calming art out of outdoor coffee brewing.

With his Instagram account, @pichit89, Pichit can be found making coffee in some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces for his nearly 15,000 followers. Equipped with whatever he can fit in his forest green Stanley lunch pail, Pichit’s coffee setup is by itself very ‘grammable. With a Commandante hand grinder, scale, kettle, and butane heating element, Pichit can be seen brewing coffee—normally from Thailand’s Summer Coffee Company or Brave Roasters—from a litany of different pour-over devices. V60, Kalita Wave, Origami Dripper, AeroPress as well as a Moka Pot and even a Wacaco Picopress (whose video made me want an iced latte topped with chunks of freshly picked mango), Pichit’s arsenal of brewers is significant.

And while brew videos on the internet are a dime a dozen, what really makes Pichit’s stand out are the tranquility of their settings. Often occurring around sunrise/sunset, normally near a tranquil body of water or engulfed in a verdant forest, the vibe of these videos is just right, a daily meditation with coffee brewing as the mantra.

The world is a convoluted place and the internet often seems like a distillation of some of humanity’s worst impulses gone unchecked. But then there are accounts like Pichit’s that serve as a reminder of the beauty and simplicity that can gets lost in the chaos. Go outside, touch some grass, brew a quiet little coffee. It’ll do ya good.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

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